The Distributed Little Red Hen Lab is a distributed laboratory and consortium for research on multimodal communication. It is directed jointly by Francis Steen and Mark Turner. See Red Hen's twitter feed.  See Crowing Rooster's News & Announcements. We have just been approved for GSoC 2015; see our Ideas Page.
Red Hen Ring

  1. View a presentation of the Red Hen Lab by Mark Turner, 2 March 2012.
  2. Read an article by Francis Steen & Mark Turner on the use of Red Hen to study Multimodal Construction Grammar.
  3. View a presentation of the use of the Red Hen collection to study Causal Reasoning in the News by Francis Steen at MIT, 6 September 2012.
  4. Hear another podcast about the Red Hen Lab by Mark Turner.  Delivered (in the MIT Media Lab under emergency lighting and without presentation technology, during a blackout!), 29 November 2012.
  5. Read about the history of the development of UCLA NewsScape, Ren Hen's multimodal dataset, March 2014.
  6. Examples of High School Research in the Red Hen Lab.
  7. A syllabus for a self-taught course in how to use the statistical software package R on Red Hen data.
  8. Why is it called the "Distributed Little Red Hen Lab"?  Because we are a cooperative of laboring researchers, all of them Little Red Hens.  The Little Red Hen is an industrious character in a folktale.  We have named our lab in her honor. The very first Donald Duck cartoon (1934) is an adaptation of this folk tale; there is also a 1956 Russian version.
The Distributed Little Red Hen Lab, also known as "Red Hen Lab" or "Red Hen," utilizes sophisticated videoconferencing to connect researchers at many nodes internationally for collaboration.  We are grateful to Information Technology Services at Case Western Reserve University for providing the infrastructure for this online collaboration.  Principal nodes of the research network include
  • Francis Steen, Communication Studies, UCLA
  • Mark Turner, Cognitive Science, Case Western Reserve University
  • Song-Chun Zhu, Statistics, UCLA
  • Cheng Zhai, Computer Science, UIUC
  • Anders Hougaard, Communication Studies, Southern Denmark University, director of Corpus-Based Multimedia Analysis.
  • Erik Bucy, Texas Tech
  • Javier Valenzuela, University of Murcia, Spain
  • Rajesh Kasturirangan, National Institute for Advanced Studies, Bangalore
  • Cristóbal Pagán Cánovas, University of Navarra, Spain.

Red Hen conducts transdisciplinary research in multimodal communications, linguistics, computational linguistics, cognitive science, neuroscience, education, statistics, media effects studies, political communication, and library science.

Red Hen builds tools across a range of tasks, including automated data acquisition, distributed data storage, data enhancement, joint text, sound, and vision parsing,
statistical analysis, multimodal search engines, user interfaces, presentation tools, publishing platforms, and pedagogical applications. We develop open-source software at RedHenLab.